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CNC four roll plate rolling machine

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Brief Introduction:
CNC four-roll plate rolling Machine is "CHAOLI" has its own intellectual property rights products. CNC four-roll plate rolling machine has a plurality of workpiece data storage, automatic programming and rolling one button to complete the function of the automatic rolling molding equipment, in a leading position in the domestic NC four roller machine R & D and production and market application.Control system of this four-roll CNC machine which is researched and developed by "CHAOLI" is closer to the domestic actual use of local demand, easy to learn, low level of cultural requirements.It has become a powerful competitor and substitute product of imported CNC coil machine.

1. CNC plate rolling Machine is a hydraulic-driven machine with high efficiency (driving power is about 60% of the traditional one.)
2. CNC four-roll plate rolling machine adopts permanent lubrication technology. During the bearing life period, it doesn't need refueling.
3. Clamping pressure is adjustable. There is non-existent skidding. The productivity is 50% to 80% more than three roller plate rolling machine.
4. The rolling diameter of this CNC four roller plate rolling machine (CNC plate bending machine) can realize 1.1 times of the top roll.



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