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4 roll plate bending machine

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  • 4 roll plate bending machine is a metal plate bending and correcting machine. It is specially used for forming and bending of sheet metal.The pre bending and curling of various sizes of barrel shaped and arc-shaped workpieces can be finished after one feeding, and the rolling of the conical cylinder can be carried out with the aid of the auxiliary device.Rough sheet metal work can also be done.
  • Rapid automatic to the positive plate: a reliable "starting point" as a mechanical reference point, the most suitable for CNC programming. The hydraulic clamping roller always holds the plate to ensure the stability, accuracy and positioning of the plate.
  • In the standard configuration of four-roller coiling machine, the lower roller clamping position and the side roll tilt adopt electronic control system, which is much higher than the competitors in the same industry.

Characteristics of 4 roll plate bending machine:

  1. Automatic to the material. The plate is automatically on the plate immediately after the roll.
  2. The upper and lower rollers hold the plate precisely at the tangent position to obtain the shortest straight edge length (excellent bending function).
  3. Once the roll is complete. The entire cylinder can be completed by a single roll, including the bending of both ends of the sheet. Only need to determine the side roll position, automatic alignment, no plate to turn.
  4. The plate is sent in. The plate is always clamped between the top and bottom rollers in two plays to ensure consistent and ideal positioning.
  5. Auxiliary equipment. It is centralized control for the positive, pre bending and coiling systems. can achieve fast and safe bending, and no damage to the edge of the plate; the bottom feeder contains a material device, which can eliminate the wrong edges produced by the coiling process. The feeding material is mainly matched with a large diameter cylinder, which can replace the overhead lifting equipment with the sheet rolling system. This set of auxiliary devices can greatly improve the efficiency of $number times.
  6. Cone tube. 4 roller plate bending machine geometry design is helpful to the cone coiling system, because the lower roller can be inclined to clamp the back edge of the plate (at one end of the cone tube's large diameter), the side plate can be sent in the rolling process faster. "Cone Reel" is at the tipping side, contact with the short edge of the plate (at one end of the cone tube small diameter), and rotate slightly according to the forming dimension, which slows down the speed of the side plate in the coiling process. The side rollers must be tilted properly so that the cone is shaped in the correct geometrical dimensions.


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